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Rodents, frozen feed, insect, birds, reptiles

BAT Andrle s.r.o. is a company dealing with an export of alive and frozen rodents, insects, reptiles and birds. We are on the market since 1998 and we have extensive experience in export of animals. Most of our customers are wholesalers and factories farming of animals of interest mainly from the European Union countries.

The deliveries are scheduled for every week, with an emphasis on quality transportation and welfare, in specially modified vehicles with trained drivers. We possess all relevant licenses and registrations required for international trade and transportation of animals.

The company catalog can be more familiar in the left column, where it is also possible to create on-line inquiry. Since the company BAT Andrle s. r. o. deals with wholesale trade, the demand can only be created on ID nubmer and in cost, which will probably exceed 500 Euro. BAT Andrle s. r. o. reserves the right not to accept or answer the demand, which is lower than the mentioned amount.